What will the fashion trends of the coming year look like?

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Get ready, because the coming year’s fashion trends may be a pleasant surprise!

Put the uncomfortable and overly tight pieces aside, as fashion will become practical and clothes will be comfortable to wear. This will ensure a smooth transition from 2017 to 2018!

Fashion also serves to make a statement and draw attention, so get ready to be bold and try extravagant outfits such as the total denim look, sports tracksuit, 1980s style dresses or jumpsuits.

The power suit: the new women’s uniform

The pantsuit, a big current fashion trend, is off to a great start.
Long considered the privilege of businessmen, suits are becoming a staple of the female wardrobe. For those who prefer the more classic style, you can opt for a pattern with banker stripes, Prince-of-Wales motifs, houndstooth or satin.

Those who aren’t afraid to be bold can choose color suits, plain or flower-printed, for a light feminine-masculine approach.

The jacket is crossed, the pants slightly fluid and 7/8, all complemented with pointed toe shoes or sneakers.

The chic sports tracksuit: the big fashion trend of the coming year

Feeling good in your clothes has become chic. Is this the advent of loose clothing, however? We wouldn’t go that far.

Pants and blazers with zippers featuring a white border on the side, oversized down jackets …. The must-have brand tracksuits of the 1990s are back in the spotlight, but with a fresh touch.

The biggest designers have set the example during their fashion shows: to adopt an urban and chic style, you will have to accessorize your tracksuit. Sports shoes are worn with tights, sweatpants unbuttoned on the side are displayed with heels and hooded jackets are surrounded with belts to emphasize the size. We told you the coming year’s fashion trends were extravagant!

Dare to try the total denim look

In vogue (though not always tastefully worn) in the early 2000s, head-to-toe denim will become a fashion trend again this year. Far from the bling-bling image shown off by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, on the red carpet, the coming trend will be displayed more discreetly.

A faded, high-waisted pair of jeans, paired with a mini denim jacket or a jean miniskirt worn with an oversized denim jacket. For the coming season, we’ll play with proportions and different shades of blue. Denim overalls, jumpsuits and long dresses will also be great pieces to show off a complete, successful look!

Celebrate the return of the 80s: the upcoming holiday fashion trend

Has it not been said that fashion is in a state of perpetual renewal? For a few months now, we’ve observed a nostalgic resurgence of the 1980s, whether in pop culture with the Netflix series Stranger Things, or in fashion. This bygone era’s clothing style has reappeared in stores, with oversized shoulders, high-waisted trousers or bright and shiny materials that we’ll all be wearing for the upcoming holidays.

You’ve now had a glimpse of the fashion trends to come, comfortable and extravagant clothes that will keep us looking good throughout the winter.

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