Beauty: how can natural products be used for face care in winter?

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In winter, skin is exposed to damage with extreme temperature changes. Consequences include seeing redness on our cheeks and around our lips, and our skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. Our complexion is gray and dull. In short, we don’t look well.

To remedy this, we rush to over-the-counter creams that promise miracles. However, the chemicals and components found in these ointments only worsen winter’s effects on our skin.

We’re increasingly likely to want to replace our current beauty routines with products that contain fewer chemicals and are more suitable for our skin. Here’s our guide to winter face care using natural products.

Essential winter face care: gentle cleansing

To protect your skin when it’s cold, you often have to change your beauty routine.

In both summer and winter, it’s important to clean your skin, so don’t skip the make-up removal. Avoid using tap water that tends to dry out the skin on your face and instead use a thermal water spray. Rich in mineral salts, thermal water has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

In general, you should avoid taking overly hot showers or baths. Although these can be very pleasant and comforting, this habit will dry out your skin.

Don’t forget the scrubs! Think they’ll aggravate your skin? On the contrary, they’re essential for the upper layer of the epidermis to be renewed and give the face a healthy glow. Every two weeks, you can apply sweet almond oil or argan oil mixed with powdered sugar. This scrub will make your skin exceptionally soft!

Vegetable oils: the secret weapon to hydrating your face in winter

As with clothing,our way of consuming cosmetics is changing and becoming more ethical and more natural. YouTube beauty blogs and channels are full of tips for producing your own ointments, and the star ingredient in natural products is vegetable oil.

Most commercially-sold creams are made of water, and these types of product will have the effect of drying rather than hydrating your skin.

If you make your own products or buy natural products, you should focus on vegetable oils. These ingredients are perfect for skin in winter because they contain skin-nourishing emollients. They will deeply penetrate the skin and make it suppler.

To moisturize your face, apply a few drops of olive oil to your skin. If you want to relieve redness and revitalize the skin, try argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E. Adjust the oils according to your skin type. If yours tends to be oily, use hazelnut oil for its skin-soothing nutritive properties. To hydrate and have a healthy glow, apricot oil will be your best friend!

In conclusion, winter face care also depends on your diet

Good nutrition and hydration will have an impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Drink water (or tea) throughout the day. In the kitchen, concentrate on vegetables. Prepare soups with squash, as this hydrating vegetable will restore radiance to your complexion and deeply purify the skin.

Face care with natural products in winter isn’t very complicated, you just need to do a little digging in your cupboards and fridge, and above all learn the different properties of foods that can be beneficial for your skin.

If this more natural and eco-friendly mode of consumption appeals to you, don’t hesitate to visit our site, our ethical clothing is designed and manufactured in Canada.

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